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Intranet Shortfalls

Is your intranet the productivity and communications tool it should be?

Does your intranet fall short of your expectations? The following checklist points out potential shortfalls and their likely causes.

The concept is flawed.

  • Technology, not your employees' needs, is your main focus.
  • The intranet is not treated as a real project. Resources -- time, money, staff -- are not invested to develop and maintain it.
  • The intranet is not designed around tools that will enhance productivity and communication.
  • Management is inconsistent.

  • There's not one person responsible for overseeing the intranet and its development, production, and maintenance.
  • You don't use a standard page design.
  • You don't have a template in place for page design.
  • Pages are complicated, unstructured, and inconsistent.
  • Each section of the intranet operates independently, like its own site.
  • Content is outdated or irrelevant.

  • No one is responsible for maintaining and updating content.
  • You post printed manuals, policies, and other information without rewriting and editing for clarity.
  • Your text isn't Web friendly. (See Four Fatal Errors of Web Writing.)
  • You're unaware of the intranet's value and usefulness.

  • You're not tracking the areas that employees access and what they're using the site for.
  • Technical issues abound.

  • Employees don't understand how the intranet works.
  • Features are too technically complex.
  • Not all employees have access to the intranet from remote locations.

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