How Winners Sell
by Dave Stein
Bard Press, 255 pages, $24.95

Master seller and executive coach Dave Stein has authored an exciting book that is filled with practical advice about selling in today's challenging business climate. His expert coaching is geared to helping salespeople strengthen their skills, attitude and knowledge; develop and qualify leads that are higher up on the value ladder; predict the actions of competitors; deliver executive presentations; enlist allies; leverage the Internet for information about prospects; and know what customers are buying right now.

The Answer to How Is Yes
by Peter Block
Berrett-Koehler, 203 pages, $24.95

Peter Block presents a useful guide through the challenging task of taking what is of personal value into an indifferent or often hostile corporate and cultural world. By raising awareness of the trade-offs we make for the sake of work and practicality, he offers hope for those who want more of what matters in life from the workplace, like idealism, intimacy, depth and engagement. His insights into organizational culture confront the role of leaders and managers, and redefine the purpose of work.

Aligning the Stars
by Jay W. Lorsch and Thomas J. Tierney
Harvard Business School Press, 234 pages, $29.95

Lorsch, a respected academician, and Tierney, an accomplished practitioner, turn decades of experience and research into a practical perspective on managing professional services in fields as diverse as law, investment banking, information technology and management consulting. They provide strategies, structures and systems for building an organization of executive-level stars whose daily actions achieve the goals of the business.

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