The Inc 500 CEOs who responded to Inc's quarterly survey on the state of the entrepreneurial economy provided insight on a variety of business metrics -- including sales, cash flow, and capital. Here shares more insight into how they're weathering the current economy.

Quarterly Sales Comparisons
For a majority of survey respondents, sales were up in the second quarter vs. the first quarter of 2002. Most of them also saw Q2 sales levels exceed the second quarter of last year.

Please compare your estimated sales from the second quarter of 2002 (April-June) to sales in the prior quarter (ended in March).
Sales up more than 10% 42%
Sales up less than 10% 22%
Sales flat 24%
Sales down less than 10% 4%
Sales down more than 10% 8%

Please compare your estimated sales from the second quarter of 2002 (April-June) to the second quarter of 2001.
Sales up more than 20% this year vs. last year 37%
Sales up less than 20% 27%
Sales flat 20%
Sales down less than 20% 4%
Sales down more than 20% 12%

Cash Flow and Capital
A large majority of CEOs are feeling good about their banking relationship despite the tough economy, and most are still able to pay their bills. Some are trying to raise capital this year, and most of those haven't found the process any harder than they expected.

How would you describe your relationship with your bank right now?
Normal 86%
Strained 9%
Hostile 1%
Other 4%

How would you characterize your current cash flow situation?
Normal- I am paying my bills on time without a problem 67%
Tight- Customers are stringing me along 29%
Dire -- Not sure how I'm going to make payroll 1%
Other 2%

Do you plan to raise additional capital this year?
Yes 35%
No 65%

If yes, from which of the following sources?
Friends and family 7%
Local community bank 13%
Large national/regional commercial bank 22%
Other commercial lenders (factors, equipment lenders) 3%
Private equity investment companies (includes venture capital) 28%
Angel investors 12%
Public offering 2%
Other 13%

The Economy
Most CEOs still say the country is in a recession, but the majority predict the economy will recover within a year.

Based on your experience with your business, does it feel like the economy is currently in a recession?
Yes 62%
No 38%

If yes, how would you characterize the current recession?
Mild 48%
Moderate 33%
Severe 19%

If yes, how much longer do you think these conditions will last?
Three months 17%
Six months 28%
Nine months 18%
One year 24%
Two years 10%
Other 2%