Here are five low cost things you can do right now to immediately improve your customer service:

  • 1. Ensure that each and every page of your Web site has a telephone number, e-mail address, or link to an online form so your customers and prospective customers can contact you.
  • 2. Answer every e-mail quickly. The same day and even within an hour if possible. If you get a lot of email, you might not be able to personally answer every e-mail within hours, but you can have your email program generate an auto reply so that each person who emails knows you have received their email and will soon reply personally.
  • 3. Provide as much information as you can on your Web site - including pricing information about your products. There's many lost sales that occur because, prospective customers want to buy now but can't find the information they need so they go to another web site. Remember, online, your competition is only a click away.
  • 4. Having a great online newsletter is another way that you can provide service to your customers while increasing sales. When you develop a newsletter make it interesting. Don't fill it with information only about your products, unless your customers want it, but fill it with information your customers can use to make them smart buyers.
  • 5. Discussion Boards are an easy way to really add value to your customer service and help customers help themselves.

With each question and answer on your discussion board you've just added another bit of information to your online "knowledge base."