You want to take a sweaty summer spin through the cornstalks.

And you want to do it in the 2005 Ford Mustang convertible.

You want to put in some Hendrix, some Booker T& the MG's, some Steve Earle, no... some John Mellencamp...and just go.

You want to close your eyes, rev the 210 horsepower V-6, and let the audible roar trick your imagination into believing it's a GT.

You want to let the lost, not-clearly-marked roads of Walworth County, Wisconsin know you'll be farming them from here on out.

You want to do it in the "electric guitar" blue 2005 Ford Mustang ("torch" red shown here.) The parent company might go with "sonic" blue, but the wife prefers "electric guitar" blue. And Lake Geneva is classic rock central. The wife wins.

You want to compare it to the regular top-up 2005 Ford Mustang. You want to wonder what in hell you ever saw in its hooded counterpart.

You want to park by a big pile of hay bales, sit out on a lonely ole' night, gaze up at the harvest moon.

You want to encourage anyone looking to unload $28,695 to get the fully-loaded Mustang convertible, find a deserted country road with the mirage of the dog days floating off the blacktop making your field of vision hazy, and drive right through it.

You want to cool yourself with the breeze of unencumbered motion.

You want to warn the Ford designers that Middle-America Baby Boomers looking to make like Jack and Diane aren't going to appreciate having to shoehorn their corn-fed selves into bucket seats that just...won't...recline... all...the...way...back.

You want to see one of these wild mustangs that need saving. Better yet, you want to race one of these wild mustangs that need saving because you believe that's what James Dean would want you to do.

You want to take someone else's word for it. You want the opinion of an entrepreneur and a New England through-and-through to boot, Mark Rodman, CEO of XtraEffort Solutions (because when you want IT staffing augmentation, you want it to the eXtreme!)

"This thing is great," says Rodman, "so much fun, you can really feel the road in it."

You also want to hear it from his son, Ben, age 10.

"I like when you go really fast," says Ben, "but I wanted to put the roof up because the wind was hurting my ears."

You want to trust me on this one. The 2005 Ford Mustang convertible, you want one because ain't that America...for you and me.