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Should You Go for It on Fourth Down?

There's no shortage of opinions about Super Bowl commercials and whether they are worth the nearly $3 million companies now pay. But the same considerations apply to any pricey, high-profile advertising campaign. The experts weigh in.
  • "They have to be in a situation where they can draw people to websites and convert them into customers," Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons says. "And they have to be able to stand out."
  • "To expect that it would propel it you to the top… I would caution companies to invest in the best product," says Richard Castellini, vice president of marketing at CareerBuilder.
  • "When evaluating the Super Bowl ad, it's about, 'What's the best use of that money?" says Eric Klose, vice president of marketing for CSN Furniture. "We would be more inclined to invest that in our service."
  • "Make sure that you look at your goals," says John Lusk, vice president of marketing at  "Are you trying to drive short term goals, trying to acquire new users, or are you more focused on long term goals? What is it exactly that you're trying to drive? Maybe you're driven by what investors want or maybe you're what you want. If you want to increase profit in the short term, spending $2 million is probably not the best call."

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