A look at the year's greatest hits, based on online traffic, from the editors of Inc. Magazine and Inc.com.

The Top 10 Profiles and Articles

1. And the Money Comes Rolling In

How can Markus Frind work one hour a day and bring in $10 million a year? He keeps things simple. Read more

2. The Way I Work: Jason Fried of 37Signals

Jason Fried hates lame meetings and treating his employees like children. A peek inside his typical workday. Read more

3. 19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now

We scoured the Web and came up with a list of the smartest business bloggers. Their advice just might help you run a better company. Read more

4. America's Fastest Growing Privately Held Company? It's in Insurance

When the big insurers exited the Florida market, a start-up saw an opportunity. Read more

5. The Way I Work: Matt Mullenweg of WordPress

How Matt Mullenweg, founder of Word Press and Automattic, manages a successful Internet business where everyone is working from home. Read more

6. The Start-up Guru: Y Combinator's Paul Graham

Part business school and part investment fund, Paul Graham's Y Combinator has launched 145 companies -- for a lot less money than you would think. Read more

7. The Secrets of Super-Productive CEOs

Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, shares his secrets to personal productivity. Read more

8. The Zappos Way of Managing

How Tony Hsieh and a staff of believers made Zappos one of the most blissed-out businesses in America. Read more

9.How I Did It: Dallin A. Larsen of MonaVie

Through multilevel marketing, the Brazilian açai berry becomes a billion-dollar business. Read more

10. Jim Collins: How to Thrive in 2009

The future will be marked by uncertainty, chaos, turbulence, and risk. In other words, it will be good to be an entrepreneur. Read more

The Top 10 Lists and Slideshows

1. 11 Business You Can Start In Your Pajamas

2. The Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2009 (More on the following page)

3. How This Kid Made $170 Million in Two Years

4. 10 Free (or Cheap) Tools for Start-ups

5. America's Weirdest Businesses

6. 4 Mistakes Young Salespeople Make

7. How to Become an Internet Mogul in 4 Easy Steps

8. How to Clean Your Keyboard

9. America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs

10. 7 Start-up Success Stories

The Top 5 Opinion Columns

1. Joel Spolsky: Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Pay Raise

At Fog Creek Software, every worker at the same level is paid the same salary. And when one gets a raise, they all do. Read more

2. Joel Spolsky: Thanks or No Thanks

 A young employee came up with an idea that added a million dollars to our bottom line. How do we reward him for the contribution? Do we even have to? Read more

3. Joel Spolsky: Why Circuit City Failed, and Why B&H Thrives

Many companies that have gone bust didn't die because of the recession. They failed for one reason: They treated customers poorly. Read more

4. Joel Spolsky: Start-up Static

A new business is like a shortwave radio. You have to fiddle patiently with all the dials until you get the reception you want. Read more

5. Joel Spolsky: A Visit to Microsoft and Google

Back-to-back trips to Microsoft and Google remind me just how smart these guys are -- and just how much I love running a small company. Read more

The Top 10 News Stories

1. Kid Entrepreneurs Build iPhone App

2. Marketers Learn to Talk Like a Pirate

3. Study: Inc. 500 CEOs Aggressively Use Social Media

4. Inside Goldman's $500 Million Small Business Initiative

5. How Businesses Use Twitter to Find Customers

6. Inc. 500 Company Canopy Financial Subject of FBI Probe

7. Report: More Businesses Went Bankrupt in 2008

8. Wellness Programs Survive Budget Cuts

9. Is Entrepreneurship in Your Genes?

10. Is Wal-Mart Killing Your Business?

The Top 10 Topics

1. The Inc. 5000

2. Starting a Business

3. Entrepreneurial Success Stories

4. Writing a Business Plan

5. The Goods: Your Business Toolbox

6. Sales

7. Marketing

8. Leadership

9. 30 Under 30: America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs

10. Motivating Employees