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Apple Products Post-Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is out, and Tim Cook is in. It's too early to tell what the future holds, but here's a look at upcoming Apple product launches.
Steve Jobs unveils the iCloud storage system at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 in San Francisco, California.

With Steve Jobs exiting as Apple CEO, one has to wonder: What does this mean for the tech giant’s near-term product launches?

While there’s no indication that new lead and former COO Tim Cook will make drastic changes to the Jobs-approved game plan (Jobs does remain Apple chairman afterall), we can at least look ahead at what Apple plans (or is rumored to plan) to launch this year (or next).

iPhone 5
The most certain and closest Apple release will purportedly be the fifth generation iPhone in October. Reports say pre-orders may begin as soon as September 30th. Rumors are swirling that this hotly-anticipated phone will have a curved back, end-to-end screen, and an eight-megapixel camera. It will also reportedly be carried by more wireless companies, like Sprint and T-Mobile.

One of the official upcoming products is the iCloud, which will essentially allow users to synch all the files on their Apple devices in the cloud. It's intended to be free for iOS 5 users, and Apple already has a few demos up on its site. It will be available in fall 2011.

The mystery product
A juicy rumor from Japanese blog recently sent Apple-files abuzz. The site claims an insider source says a forthcoming Apple product will be “absolutely different from current products.” The blog goes on to report this mystery product will not be an updated version of something that already exists, and it will have a new name.

The MacBook Air "refresh"
The details on the revamped Air are what you'd expect from a next-generation Apple product: It's reportedly going to be faster, cheaper (less than $1,000, according to Gizmodo), and, of course, prettier. On the rumor mill for about a year now, the launch date is allegedly sometime in 2011.

iPhone 6
Believe it or not, chatter has already begun for the next, next generation of the iPhone. AppleInsider reports that the company is planning a "major revamp" of the phone in 2012, which might include a new charging system.

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Last updated: Aug 25, 2011

NICOLE CARTER | Staff Writer | San Francisco Bureau Chief

Nicole Carter is Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief. She was previously an editor at New York Daily News, and her work has also appeared in Consumer Reports magazine.

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