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An Office in the Sky

Situated in a lofty Tel Aviv office tower, Boeing's offices were designed with the clean lines (and small airplane window holes) to make you feel like you're flying.

The Tel-Aviv offices of Boeing, an American jet manufacturer, were designed with one thing in mind: Making employees and visitors feel as though they were flying.

"Situated in the lofty heights of a Tel Aviv office tower, the Boeing office embodies the spirit of the company,"  Auerbach Halevy Architects & Engineers, project's architects, write. "The sophisticated mix of transparency and natural light, straight lines and horizontal divisions, bright colors and minimal joints—allows the skyline to dominate interior views, creating an ambience of cockpit and business class."

In order to look forward into your company's future, it's sometimes helpful to first look backwards. By showcasing a visual history of your company's products, employees and visitors can get a sense of the direction of your brand's vision—and may even stoke new, and innovative ideas.

Boeing, for example, has dedicated cubby-holes (which are smartly designed as airplane windows) to show off the airplanes, helicopters and jets that has made the company a giant among its industry.


Last updated: Oct 17, 2011

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