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An Urban Office That Nods to History

Daily Deals site LivingSocial is growing fast in a brand-new industry. OTJ Architects designed the start-up a modern space that incorporates antique details.

When LivingSocial, a daily deals company based in Washington, D.C., needed a new—and much larger—office to accommodate its rapid staff growth, it worked with designers at OTJ Architects to create a concept that expressed the company's energetic vision, mirrored its urban setting, and encouraged team collaboration. 

Green seating areas surrounded by planters serve as informal meeting hubs, and open-style seating promotes team unity. Historical aspects of the building are revealed in the atrium, antique doors to the conference room, and exposed columns and brick throughout.

The recent history of this young company is honored by its custom bathtub conference table (a nod to its first ramshackle office). According to OTJ: "The overall design gives a sense of visual excitement and playful vibrancy, providing a space that encourages effective, functional collaboration, while also providing an environment where employees feel relaxed and comfortable to do their best work, even while burning the midnight oil."

Last updated: Oct 17, 2011

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