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Achieving Design Zen Through Soundproofing

When creating Tribal DDB's offices, Amsterdam-based i29 started by damping noise, and ended with a very powerful monochromatic design.

No one likes to work in a noisy office. So when Amsterdam-based i29 interior architects was brought in to design Tribal DDB's offices, it started thinking of creative ways to mute the clamor that make it difficult for people to concentrate on projects. The result? The designers used fabric on non-traditional surfaces, including the office's ceilings, lamps, and structural components, which effectively muffles the sound.

"It is perfect for absorbing sound and therefore it creates privacy in open spaces," the designers write. "It is playful, and can make a powerful image on a conceptual level."

While the monochromatic fabric offers a legitimate function for the office, it also delivers a powerful design aesthetic. Namely, the use of fabric creates a calming sense simplicity. Alhough it may seem counterintuitive, the designers say the lack of traditional design elements (art, props, etc.) actually enhance the power of the space.

In other words, less is more. "The result of being very selective is that you have to push the one choice to the limit," the architects explain. "It also provides a field of tension, and gives energy to a space…But more importantly it leaves you with a charismatic environment."


Last updated: Oct 17, 2011

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