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Is This the Coolest Dentist's Office You've Ever Seen?

It's sunny, plant-filled, and vast. No, this isn't your typical dentist's office. It's Washington Square Park Dental in San Francisco.

We'd extend a sincere thank you to any dentist who recognizes the fear associated with annual cleanings, but Washington Square Park Dental gets an extra-big smile for a couple reasons.

First, several walls were covered first with a green carpet and then a white board with circular perforations. Not only does it muffle the noise but it also gives patients something to look at when they're trying to open wider.

Speaking of keeping patients occupied, in each patient room, a TV screen is mounted above the operating chair and broadcasts soothing images, like a beach scene.

Each patient room also includes a trench with plants and bright lights casting rays on the green leaves. The entire office has its fair share of plants—nearby Washington Square Park was a major influence in the office's design. A tall window and a ramp leading from the entrance filters natural light toward the back of the office and into the patient rooms.


Last updated: Oct 17, 2011

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