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Alan Ying
Growth Factor

Alan began his career as a surgeon at Duke where he started MercuryMD out of a garage, grew it to over 100 employees, sold it to a publicly traded company, and helped run the acquiring $400 million healthcare business before going to the other side of the investor table as an angel and then venture capital investor.

Currently, he is an owner and the non-executive chairman of KLAS Enterprises, a leading provider of healthcare information services. Most recently he was a Venture Partner at Chrysalis Ventures, a leading healthcare venture capital firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a regular columnist writing about growth companies at Inc.com.

Alan serves on the Boards of multiple growth companies ranging in size from $5 million to $100 million in revenue, is a Director on the Board of the Gulf States Chapter of Young Presidents Organization, and is a trustee of the Post Oak School, a nationally recognized Montessori K-12 institute in Houston, Texas.

Alan earned his BA in Philosophy from Rice University, his MD from The Ohio State University, and trained in general and thoracic surgery at Duke University. Alan is a loyal Cleveland sports fan, a season ticket holder of the Houston Rockets, and a proud champion of the 2012 K Academy Duke Basketball Camp.

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