Benjamin Wald

Benjamin Wald is a successful technology entrepreneur and investor. Ben?s passion for social impact, software and education support his ambition to change the world through technology. Benjamin is the Founder and Managing Partner at Spartan Systems, a web design and development firm that is helping companies build holistic online presences with thoughtful and relevant messaging. Benjamin also serves as the Senior Technology Advisor for Ashoka's Changemakers. Benjamin is an active advisor and investor in early stage technology companies. He attended Babson College to pursue an education in entrepreneurship and strategic management.

Prior to Spartan Systems, Benjamin spent over as year as the Executive Director at Ashoka Changemakers, a global team working with social entrepreneurs. There he spearheaded and accelerated development of a suite of products. Through the Changemakers platform, he helped revolutionize how people connect for social change.

In 2008, Benjamin and his business partner were named two of Business Week?s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs after securing over $5 million in seed capital for their first company that built online education software.

Benjamin has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, AOL Money & Finance, Inside HigherEd, WDEF News and CNET Live. His companies have also been featured on,,, and

Ben thrives on the ability to disrupt the status quo and uses technology to accelerate impactful changes to make the world a better place.

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