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Candace Klein

Candace Klein is the founder and CEO of two successful startup companies: Bad Girl Ventures and SoMoLend. Candace launched Bad Girl Ventures in March, 2010 as a non-profit, micro-finance organization focused on educating and financing woman-owned startup companies. In its first two years of operations, BGV has received over 2,000 applicants, has educated over 500 businesses, has financed nearly 50 women with more than $700,000, and has created 188 jobs across Ohio.

Candace also launched SoMoLend in May, 2011, which offers new solutions for small businesses to get the money they need to launch and sustain their operations. To date, SoMoLend has partnered with KeyBank, the City of Cincinnati and 41 other corporate lenders, and anticipates rolling out crowdfunding in early 2014.

Candace Klein received her Bachelors of Arts from Northern Kentucky University, began working as a lobbyist for the Northern Kentucky Chamber and United Way, and then began attending law school at Chase University. While attaining her law degree, Candace led the Communities Practice at Property Advisors, with the title of "Maven" and the job description, "run and think." Candace continues to practice law at Ulmer and Berne, LLP with a focus on corporate law.

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