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Danielle Weinblatt
Been There, Run That

Danielle Weinblatt is the Founder and CEO of Take the Interview. Prior to Take the Interview, Danielle was a private equity associate at a middle-market private equity firm. She began her career in Mergers & Acquisitions in Citigroup’s Investment Banking Division, primarily focused on energy and industrials. She was also the Junior Recruiting Captain of the Cornell University team during her time at Citigroup. Danielle is a member of Springboard Enterprises, a network of female technology CEOs, and an advisor to DreamIt Ventures Israel, an incubator supporting Israeli startups.

She has been a speaker and lecturer at Harvard Business School and Cornell University and has been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Boston Globe and on Fox Business News to discuss topics such as video technology, job creation, startups, and the future of HR technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University and is an Arthur Rock Fellow of Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, where she achieved Honors. She is an avid opera fan and a classically trained vocalist, pianist and cellist. Danielle is a Springboard Enterprises alumna, and a contributor to Been There, Run That.

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