Elle Kaplan
Dollars and Sense

Elle Kaplan is the CEO and Founding Partner of Lexion Capital Management, the only 100% woman-owned asset management firm in the U.S. Elle's success was born of the expertise she developed over a decade on Wall Street in investment banking, institutional trading, and private banking, coupled with her vision for a better standard of business in the financial industry. Determined to provide an ethical, transparent, client-centric alternative to large traditional banks, Elle left her thriving corporate career to found Lexion Capital Management in 2010. The firm's rapid growth attests to its success in delivering a unique value to clients: independent, fiduciary asset management. In just a few short years, Lexion Capital has expanded to include Lexion Access, a secondary branch offering the same top-tier financial services at a lower minimum. A completely self-made entrepreneur, Elle moved to NYC with $200 in savings and no job. A little more than a decade later, she is a national leader in the business community. Elle is a regular business commentator on the national news, and her expertise has been sought out by publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and CNN Money, among many others.


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