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Lauren Perkins

Lauren Perkins is a branding and digital marketing evangelist who delivers integrated solutions from an entrepreneurial perspective. Lauren founded Perks Consulting, a full-service marketing agency specializing in the fusion of lifestyle and technology. As the Founder and CEO, Lauren oversees the agency’s mission to develop brands, products and campaigns that build relevant innovative businesses.

Lauren’s brand-centric, bottom line focused mentality were cultivated by her work at Nike, Boston Globe, Crunch Fitness and Laser Cosmetica as well as consulting for ABC, Toyota and Bloomingdales. She invested in the first ever women's executive network, 85 Broads, and was recently invited to be one of 50 global emerging female leaders to attend the inaugural Banco Santander “W50” summit at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

In addition to spearheading Perks Consulting, Lauren is a sought after thought leader in the area of business growth and digital innovation. She can be found speaking on panels like Internet Week New York (IWNY) and lectures at General Assembly, a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. She is also a regular contributor for Young Entrepreneur and ForbesWomen. You can follow her at twitter.com/laurenperkins.

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