Mary Jesse
Springboard Enterprises

Mary Jesse is a wireless industry expert with more than 25 years of experience developing and operating wireless solutions in roles such as Vice President of Strategic Technology for McCaw Cellular Communications, Vice President of Technology Development for AT&T Wireless and Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of RadioFrame Networks.

She is currently CEO of Ivycorp, developers and operators of Ivytalk, the world's most powerful enterprise messaging solution. Ms. Jesse was instrumental in developing and deploying the first large scale wireless data systems in the U.S. and has led development teams in the architecture, design and launch of numerous systems and products.

Ms. Jesse is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in electrical engineering and has authored more than a dozen patents. She frequently speaks on mobile, technology, business and entrepreneurship. In addition to volunteering her time to support STEM education and mentor girls and women in business, she currently serves on the board of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network and on the Executive Advisory Council for the WSU EECS department.


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