Sandra Wear
Springboard Presents: Been There, Run That

Sandra is an entrepreneur helps companies maximize shareholder value and the probability of a successful exit. She works with companies to define and implement exit plans to grow a company?s value. She builds shareholder value with strategies to increase brand equity, diversify customer base and increase operational efficiencies.

She has an impressive 15-year track record of maximizing shareholder value through growth, performance and product commercialization in new and existing markets. Significant accomplishments include founding DocSpace, a SaaS Internet company named one of the Top 100 Emerging Companies by Computerworld, which was subsequently acquired for a record setting amount. She also led Atalum, a SaaS cleantech company, from product concept to commercialization along with the negotiation and close of significant transactions.

Sandra has held such executive positions as CEO, VP and General Manager in North America and Europe while playing a critical role in defining and executing market-driven corporate strategies. She has led marketing and business development efforts to build brand equity and diversify the customer base on a global scale. She has also worked with Fortune 500 companies at the CxO or VP level to identify opportunities for new products and markets. Corporate customers and partners have included such global brands as Apple, Ogilvy & Mather, AT&T, Telefonica, Black & Decker and Siemens.

Sandra is featured in the bestseller Innovation Nation, John Wiley & Sons, which profiles successful entrepreneurs. She is a former member of the Canadian Prime Minister?s Global Task Force for female entrepreneurs, is a Director of Hummingbird Hydrogen ? a waste biomass conversion company ? and serves on the Board of several non-profit organizations. She has led conferences to assist business owners with business and strategic planning and has spoken at conferences in North America and Europe.

Sandra holds a B.Sc. in Genetics from the University of British Columbia and is a Marketing Management Graduate of BCIT. She is fluent in Spanish and English. She is a Springboard Enterprises alumna and a contributor to "Been There, Run That."

You can find her on LinkedIn, follow her on twitter at @sandrawear and subscribe to her blog.

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