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Susan Strausberg
Springboard Enterprises

Susan Strausberg is co-founder and CEO of 9W Search, Inc., a next generation financial search platform, optimized for mobile devices, allowing a user to instantly get the one right answer to a financial question.

In 1995 Susan co-founded EDGAR Online, Inc., a leading provider of interactive business and financial data on global companies to financial, corporate and advisory professionals. She served for 13 years as CEO and President and took the company public in 1999 (NASDAQ: EDGR). Under her leadership EDGAR Online became an internationally recognized brand as the trusted source for SEC filings while at the same time delivering value-added applications that produce the fastest and most accurate financial information in the market. She was instrumental in developing strategies that produced subscription and licensing-based revenue models as well as leveraging business partnerships to grow revenues and brand.

She?s doing it again via mobile with 9W. Susan is a Springboard Enterprises alumna and a contributor to "Been There, Run That."

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