Video Transcript

00:09 Barbara Corcoran: I got $1000 from my boyfriend and I did sleep with him.

00:14 Corcoran: To start the Corcoran business, okay? I met him while waitressing at the Fort Lee Diner. He walked in. He had a real suit on, a white starch collar. Nobody in my hometown wore a suit. And he asked to sit at my counter. He had blue aviator shades, and when he sat down, I couldn't even see his eyes. It was so mysterious, and he explained that he was from the Basque Country and his name was Ramone-Symoné with an accent on each word. Do you know it took me three years before I found out his name wasn't Ramone-Symoné? He decked it up. His name was Ray Simon.

00:46 Corcoran: Over the next seven years, I would build a business with Ramone-Symoné and we built it upto 14 rental agents. And so, I became Mrs. Mom to his three daughters, doing the homework, making the dinner every night, almost seven years to the itch or to the day, Ramone comes home one night and as I'm dumping the pasta in the sink, he says "Oh, Barbara, we have something serious to discuss. "Oh, yes." I'm gonna marry your secretary." And so, suddenly, all the confidence that I had felt bubbling along making my new life in the New York City was shot to death. Boom. But just finally, I walk into Ray's office. I say "Guess what? We're ending this business." And what I did was I said, "You pick the first sales person, I'll pick the second, you pick the third, we'll cut it up.". We cut that company in half in like two minutes.

01:28 Corcoran: He picked the best sales person. I picked Ester who would soon become my partner. But we cut it up. He picked this phone number. He said "I'll stay, you go. Okay, I stay, you go." But when I was leaving with my seven sales people, he said "You know, Barbara?" "Oh, yes, Ray?". Actually no, that's not it. But "You know Barbra?" "Oh, yes, Ray?" "You know you'll never succeed without me." And you want to know? He gave me an insurance policy for success for the rest of my life. And so, from every time I went up and down into the troth, I would try everything in my power to try to stay in business, think I exhausted every idea and was ready to go out of business at three different junctures, and then I would think of Ray's words and say, "Well, fuck, beep beep."

02:11 Corcoran: And God is fair. He would just pop one more idea into my head and bing, that was the idea that always made the difference that bought me time to just stay afloat one more time.

02:22 Corcoran: Okay. But I did succeed. I'm happy to report to Ray.

02:26 Corcoran: And I sold that business for $66 million cash.