Video Transcript

00:09 Speaker 1: Do people who petition on the website, do they end up getting funding to further their project?

00:17 Ben Rattray: The question is, when people petition the site, do they get funded? So what we think is the most exciting thing is, we live in a world increasingly where your voice has more powerful than your pocketbook. And that's been like a cliche tag line, like a catch line of the past, because the reality is that it hasn't been the case. It's been the case that money is a necessary condition of often times political power, in particular in the federal landscape. But if you can mobilize 10 million people versus $10 million today now in real time, that is far, far more powerful. And so what we do is we have a team of like 200 people. Many of whom are building this technology platform, but also many of whom go and reach out to petition creators and help them tell their stories. People have questions about how to run an effective citizen movement. So we do, if they're successful, if it's popular, we'll go to the media, we'll help somebody get on Ellen or Anderson Cooper or CNN or whatnot. And so we don't really give funding, but we will sort of help them sort of tell their story and elevate their voice.

01:16 Rattray: Any others? One more question? No spotlight on this gentleman, but we'll call him and that'll be it.

01:22 Speaker 2: Yes.

01:24 Speaker 3: I have a question.

01:27 S2: Hi there. There's a tweet that came out that said, "Couldn't find mission in vision on change site." Could you refer to that? Your mission in vision as well as what you think about your Wikipedia page?

01:39 Rattray: Yeah. The mission of the organization is to empower people everywhere to create the change they wanna see at a basic empowerment platform deferring to peoples' interest. The vision of the company is a world in which no one is powerless and creating change is part of everyday life. I wanna just touch on that to close.

01:59 Rattray: I think that my generation in particular, there's a sort of sense of apathy that people don't care passionately about making a difference, that they're indifferent to the world around them, and I think that is ridiculous. It's not that we're born that way, it's that we are bred that way because all available evidence indicates that we actually can make a difference. And this is one of the things we're fighting. We're not just fighting, building tools to empower people to create change. We're trying to change cultures so people believe that it's possible and having that hope is a necessary condition of the kind of engagement that allows for a governments and a corporate sector that represents the public interest and consumers in a systemic structural way.

02:40 Rattray: And that's the shift we're seeing today and that's what we're most excited about. And that's what I hope everyone here will be a part of. We are increasingly engaging companies. We'll soon develop and launch the platform that allows companies to directly respond to people that are petitioning them. This has been a very common criticism, sort of frustration with companies not being able to engage customers through, and that will change. And I'm excited about bringing companies on to the platform for direct engagement because I think again, business is an immense force for social good. And like I said, we all run social enterprises. So thank you very much.