Dave and Carrie Kerpen are the husband-wife co-founder team behind Likeable Media, a $15 million (sales) global social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency and a repeat Inc. 500 honoree. Most recently, Carrie became CEO of Likeable Media, so Dave, who remains chairman, can raise funding for and launch Likeable Local, a local social media firm and technology. In a Live Chat with Inc.com executive editor Laura Lorber, the Kerpens will speak about how they so quickly built one of the fastest-growing companies in America, their management strategies, their employee retention strategies, how they lead a company together and stay married--and throw in a few must-use social media tips. The Kerpens will also take questions from via the livestream and social media.

Registration for this event also give you access to these live chats:

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Chat 4: Gary Vaynerchuk 
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