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17 Happiness Tips: A Father's Day Flashback

My dad's daily habits for a happier and more successful life turned into one of the most popular things I've ever written.

Not long ago, my dad emailed me with some suggestions for a column. I took his counsel, wrote the column, and was amazed at the results.

I knew my dad had some good advice, but 17 Daily Habits My Dad Insists Will Make You Happier and More Successful was highly popular--the second-most-read piece on last month.  When you add the number of people who read it on partner sites like Yahoo and, it's quite humbling.

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd go back and take a look at it again. I think this is my favorite part:

11. Keep your wardrobe simple.

My dad gave me this advice years ago when I first started working--so of course I completely ignored it at the time. However, had I gone ahead as he'd suggested and bought a handful of white and blue shirts, for example, and worn them every day, it would have been one fewer decision to have to make in the morning. It looks like that kind of simplification worked for Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, anyway.

12. Shine your shoes.

Shined shoes make you stand out these days, because most people are so casual. You can probably substitute something else for this habit. Just pick things that advertise to the world that you take care of small things. So maybe you also take care of bigger things.

(Here's a text from my dad a few hours before this column ran: "Just read it again. On point 11, change 'one less decision' to 'one fewer decision.' Your grammar is wrong. Then, point out this message as an example of point 12.")

You can find the whole thing here. Happy Father's Day!

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Last updated: Jun 14, 2014

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