Video Transcript

00:11 Bob Nardelli: I think it's very easy, it's very easy to differentiate yourself in today's world by being over-prepared. I've always encouraged students or colleagues that just when you think you're done, go back and take another look. Can you improve upon that report? Can you improve upon the experiment that you're running? Can you improve upon the design of that product? And I really believe that if you have that as a principle that you're always prepared, first of all, it is... I think it demonstrates respect for the people that are in the meeting.

00:54 Nardelli: To go into a meeting unprepared is unconscionable. To be disrespectful and showing up late is unacceptable in my opinion. So, I think you treat people the way you want to be treated. I think regardless of how many times you make a presentation or you're in front of a crowd, I think if you take it nonchalantly, you're probably gonna deliver nonchalantly. And I think, you're always on stage, people are always evaluating you, they're always looking for your leadership, they're always looking for the message that you're sending. So for me, I always try to make sure I'm prepared regardless of what's on the agenda.