Video Transcript

00:11 Bob Nardelli: Management always starts here. They fully understand and communicate. And unfortunately, the people that have to do the implementation are down here. So, it really is a crossing of an S curve, and just as the organization is coming up the curve on understanding measurements, accountability and metrics, typically, management will go on to the next initiative. So, it's very important to make sure on day one that the organization is aligned, almost like two rails on a railroad track, that there's parallels in there as you announce a new initiative, that they are where you are.

00:48 Nardelli: And that... We gotta make sure it doesn't tail off what I like to call a "launch and leave". And you have to see it through to the end so that you have good accountability, good sense of ownership and accomplishment. It's served me extremely well in all the businesses, certainly at Chrysler. We established an accountability room where we would have stand-up meetings or go around. And each of the executives had a set of initiatives that we would report on either every week, or if the business is really distressed, we would report out everyday with a program manager. So, I think the entrepreneurs that I've met here understand that. They understand the importance of management and the details of those responsibilities to really be able to deliver.