Budgets by the Numbers

Here's a look at how some major expense items are expected to change in 2011.

Top Budgeting Software

From Excel to QuickBooks and beyond, we review some of the best budget applications.

Budgeting Tricks

Some tips on where to start when assembling your budget – and what you shouldn't overlook.

How to Budget for Cash Flow

Companies that forecast based on cash flows can avoid fees and charges, decrease their need for external credit, and improve their overall cash position.

How to Secure a Credit Line in 2011

If your budget shows you'll have financing needs next year, you better start talking to your lender now. Here's what they'll be looking for.

How to Build Your Marketing Budget

With so many channels to promote your products and services, where to start? Here are some tips on how best to allocate your marketing dollars and efforts.

How to Develop Your 2011 Tech Budget

Businesses are expected to spend more on their IT departments next year. Here's how to decide where to put your money.

How to Budget and Manage Inventory for 2011

If your suppliers can't meet an increase in demand, neither can you. Here's how to make sure you're both ready for better times.

How to Budget for Business Insurance

Having business insurance is vital, but how much coverage do you really need? This guide will help you decide and plan for the cost.

How to Handle Budget Disputes

How you divvy up your resources can cause tension between departments. Here are tips to help you deal with potential issues that may arise in this year's process.

How to Manage Your Gross Margins

Here's how understanding gross margins can help you make smart business decisions when assembling your financial outlook.