January is here, which means fitness centers across the country are busier than they’ll be the rest of the year. These New Year’s Resolutionists start out the year with a clean slate, determined to cut calories, drop pounds, and tone up for a healthier, more attractive physique.

For the mobile service provider, time is at a premium. Meals are often rushed as field service workers race from one location to the next and finding time to hit the gym can be extremely difficult with such an unpredictable schedule. These three tech tools may be able to help you stay on track even during the most chaotic of weeks.

Fitness trackers

Fitness bands are all the rage, incorporating the technologies used in pedometers and GPS navigation devices to help you track your steps each day. These bands, worn on a person’s wrist, interact with mobile apps to allow you to also manually enter the calories you consume, which you can then compare to the calories you burn. Three popular fitness bands are the Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP, and FitBit Flex

Calorie-counting and activity tracking apps

Studies have shown that dieters who track their calories each day are more successful in their fitness goals. Perhaps that’s why there’s no shortage of calorie-tracking apps, many of which not only help you track calorie consumption but also allow you to track physical activity. From the app included with a Weight Watchers plan to free apps, like Lose It!, MyFitnessPal, and Noom, there are a number of tools designed to help you through the weight-loss and fitness process. You can also manually log any calories you burn throughout the day to get credit for those calories.

Gym finder 

Just because you’re always on the go, doesn’t mean you can’t spend your lunch hour working out. Several gym-finder apps are available that can help you pinpoint a workout center near you. This is ideal for those who have gym memberships at franchises that allow members to hop from one location to another. Health Club Finder for Android and Gym Finder for iOS are two that can help. Some gyms have their own apps with built-in gym finders.

Healthier choices

As mentioned above, drive-throughs are the food sources of choice for many busy mobile workers, providing a fast, inexpensive option that can be eaten on the go. Eat This, Not That is an app that offers suggestions for healthier options at these traditionally unhealthy eateries. Users commit “swaps” in the app, where they choose a healthier option that can save hundreds of calories.