For mobile service providers, the way customers search for your business has changed dramatically in recent years. Instead of having to type “plumber Cincinnati” to find a local company, users can now type the word plumber into a computer or mobile device to find all plumbing services near their current location.

Business implications 

As a road warrior yourself, you know the benefits of showing up prominently in search results today. Armed with smartphones, many consumers search for a business while on the go. If your business is showing up on page two or three of search results, your customers may be choosing competitors without even knowing about your offerings.

Mobile services businesses are faced with an additional challenge. Your business is likely not located near the homes of every customer you service. The challenge is finding a way to show up on search results for users located throughout your service area, even if that area extends to another city or state.

Get listed

One of the best ways to be found by potential customers is to get listed with local search engine services; Google Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and are just a few. By creating complete profiles on each of these sites you can better the chances of being found by anyone searching for your types of services in their area.

Use a mobile marketing service

Another effective way to reach local customers is by using a mobile marketing service. Mobile marketing services, such as Intuit’s Demandforce, Yodle, and LocalVox help you to reach local customers by creating local marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether it’s creating coupons or promotions and pushing those to local customers or increasing your SEO, these mobile marketing services make the task of being found simpler and give you a marketing solution to grow your business.

Optimize your pages

To reach your customers in every city you serve, you have to optimize your search results to include those cities. This means the aforementioned Cincinnati plumber would have to create content that includes key phrases like “Cincinnati plumber,” “Columbus plumber,” “Dayton plumber,” “Toledo plumber,” and “Cleveland plumber.” Fitting all of this content on your homepage can seem unnatural and create clutter, so to be most effective, service providers should add a blog to which they can regularly upload content.

Repurposing news items or providing do-it-yourself tips can give you an opportunity to incorporate multiple keywords in one area of your site. Add one article using one city with your service type and another article with another city and your service type. This is a great way to work multiple keywords in without disrupting the quality of your website offerings.

As you hone your search marketing efforts, continue to research search engine results for your area. That Cincinnati plumber may find that numerous other services are trumping his, forcing him to examine those sites and determine what those businesses are doing differently. Mobile service providers have challenges far above businesses that are centered in one location. By tackling those challenges, providers can beat the competition, winning over consumers throughout their service area no matter how big that service area is.