The Facebook IPO frenzy has faded, but the social media site and its founder are still making news. Here are a few of the latest headlines:

  • Facebook's user growth rate in the U.S. is slowing. The social networking site had 158 million unique visitors in April--just a 5% increase from 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports. That's a sharp slowdown, after 24% year-over-year growth in April 2011 and 89% in April 2010. Roughly 71% of Internet users in the U.S. now have Facebook accounts, the Journal reports.
  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appears to have joined The Fancy--a Pinterest-style site with a high-end e-commerce spin. Now there are rumors of acquisition, reports PCMag. An account with Zuckerberg's picture, named "Zuckd," joined the site on Friday and already has 100,000 followers, Fast Company reports--adding that Zuckerberg may be testing the waters of the business, valued around $100 million.
  • Facebook is being considered to join the Russell 3000 index, Reuters reports. It's on a preliminary list and would be the "largest addition to the index in market capitalization," Reuters notes.
  • Speaking of Zuckerberg: Gizmodo wants you to stalk him. Dubbing it "the Summer of Zuck," Gizmodo last Thursday asked readers to submit photos and videos in exchange for $20 if the piece is used. According to the site, Facebook is a public company, and: "In short, it's time for Mark to go public too." Not everyone is pleased with Gizmodo's pitch, particularly TechCrunch.