A new bill hit the Senate floor today that aims to make it easier for small businesses to export goods.

Introduced by the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, the bill, called the Go Global Act of 2012, would allow the Small Business Administration to hire 20 additional staff members, who would provide counseling and financing to small businesses, according to the Associated Press. Also detailed in the bill: the SBA would be required to develop a small business training program for employees at the Office Of International Trade.

While it’s too early to gauge the small business community’s reaction to the proposal, at least one small business owner doesn’t believe the bill will lead to immediate success.

Founder of Boise, Idaho-based Rekluse Motor Sports, Al Youngwerth, who is also the SBA-named National Small Business Exporter of the Year says:

I think it's great that the government is making an attempt to focus on exports. However, I think the right group to start with is U.S. Commercial Services … whose entire focus is to help small businesses export. It feels a little like Uncle Sam is just trying to throw money at a problem. I think they need to look a little deeper to the next level. …[The bill] is all good, but again, there's an organization that already does this.

Small business exports made up a quarter of the U.S.’ total exports in 2010 ($276.7 billion of $1.1 trillion).