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Internet Week WTC Event Canceled Due to Security Concerns

The elevator pitch contest (in the high-profile elevators of the World Trade Center) was shut down as the 9/11 museum opened its doors, due to "issues regarding the security of the building."

What many were anticipating would be one of Internet Week New York's banner events will not get off the ground.

Dozens of startups had been invited to pitch their ideas on May 22 to an array of veteran entrepreneurs and investors, elevator-pitch style, while literally riding in elevators. And not just any elevators: These would be some of the newest and fastest elevators in New York City, in the Manhattan skyline's most iconic not-yet-open-to-the-public skyscraper--One World Trade Center.

This week, as the adjacent 9/11 museum opened its doors to a great deal of media and the public, the pitch contest was abruptly postponed until November 20. 

A publicist for the event, which is part of a series called the International Startup Festival's Elevator World Tour, said after conversations with the building's managers, the decision was made to postpone the pitch competition until construction on One World Trade Center is complete.

"Unfortunately, such an iconic location carries certain risks, and after lengthy discussion with the One World Trade Center management team, we have decided to postpone the event due to issues regarding the security of the building," the publicist wrote in an email.

The publicist did not respond to a request for further details.

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Last updated: May 16, 2014

CHRISTINE LAGORIO-CHAFKIN | Staff Writer | Senior Writer

Christine Lagorio-Chafkin is a writer, editor, and reporter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, and The Believer, among other publications. She is a senior writer at Inc.

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