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What Sheryl Sandberg Wants In 2016

Facebook's COO explains the big mistake of 2012, and her ideas for political leadership.

One year after the publication of her Lean In, Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg is back on the press circuit for publishing a new edition of the book, Lean In: For Graduates. And she's getting asked about women in leadership not just at companies--but in the White House.

In an interview on HuffPost Live, Sandberg entirely dismissed the idea that she herself would fun for political office.

"I don't want to run for office," Sandberg said. "I really love my job at Facebook, and I really love Lean In."

Who would she want in the White House in 2016?

"I'd love to see Hillary Clinton run for president," she said. "And I'd love to see Hillary Clinton be president."

Asked about a potential candidacy for Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, Sandberg barely commented, saying she doesn't know Elizabeth Warren, nor whether Warren is planning on running for president.

Sandberg said looking beyond the White House in Washington is important for women as well.

In 2012, when the election meant 20 percent of seats in the U.S. Senate were held by women, Sandberg said that while that's reason to celebrate, it's not reason to say women have "taken over." "We need half the seats," she said, rather than one-fifth of them.

"For too long leadership has looked male and for too long leadership has looked white," Sandberg said.



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Last updated: Apr 9, 2014

CHRISTINE LAGORIO-CHAFKIN | Staff Writer | Senior Writer

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