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Heart-to-heart with the world's great entrepreneurs.

A Lesson On the Value of Being Semi-Disruptive

2U, an online education company, doesn't want to reinvent college (or destroy it). But it does want to change it, and its IPO suggests it's on to something.

How Smarter Technology Can Improve Your Business

2U CEO Chip Paucek talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about how you can create bigger opportunities, sculpt a better company culture, and make your business more successful.

When Being Unpredictable Is Your Best Business Strategy

Taco Bell has the waffle taco, Starbucks has a new diner, and TGI Fridays is going upscale. The unconventional offerings show how effective it can be to diverge from what your company is known for.

What Can Mindfulness Do For You?

Some argue that workaholism is necessary for entrepreneurs. I disagree.

Arianna Huffington: What Lying in a Pool of Blood Taught Me

The HuffPo founder and entrepreneurial superstar says that in order to achieve more we all need to sleep more.

The Wake-Up Call That Helped Arianna Huffington Learn to Thrive

Famed entrepreneur Arianna Huffington reveals how burning the candle from both ends forced her to realign her priorities.

How Shutterstock Used Data to Cut Staff Commutes

How the stock photo company found the perfect office space and cut employees' commutes by 4,500 minutes a week--all with the help of Big Data.

How to Find Your Focus: What Are You Willing to Be Bad At?

To find your company's competitive advantage, find your focus by considering both what you want to be good and what you want to be bad at.

Business Lessons from Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran

The real estate mogul shared her wisdom in the keynote address at the National Association of Professional Women conference in New York City.

Startup Success: It's All About Relationships

Angel investor Brian Cohen on team chemistry, husband-wife dynamics, and how not to ask for money.

3 Small Changes to Help You Not Just Survive But Thrive

After collapsing from exhaustion, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington made these small changes that had a big impact on her quality of life.

Inside the Mind of a Top Angel Investor

Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, tells Inc.'s Scott Gerber everything entrepreneurs need to know about building a business that will impress investors.

Bill Bartmann: To Get Over Failure, Own It

The outspoken founder of debt-collection agency CFS2 has written the book on failure--literally. His life story is a lesson in resilience.

Arianna Huffington on Wellness for Workaholics

Buy all the nap pods you want. Good luck getting your overachievers to sleep.

How to Create an Open-Source Office

No one loves open-plan offices. Here are tips for designing one that actually boosts employee productivity.

Hire Qualities, Teach Skills

Attitude, aptitude, intelligence, intensity, and integrity--"if you have those five things, we can teach you the rest," says the consumer advocate.

Bill Bartmann: The Comeback Kid

How do you succeed after failure? The founder and CEO of CFS2 Inc., a debt collection company based in Tulsa, tells Inc.'s Scott Gerber how it's done.

Without Their Permission: Alexis Ohanian Wants You to Adapt

The reddit co-founder talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about the open internet, valuing your users, the importance of the reddit alien, and more.

7 Questions for Shutterstock's Jon Oringer

Bootstrap billionaire Jon Oringer, founder of Shutterstock, says getting venture capital is optional. Building a great company culture is not.

Photo Finish: Success Lessons from a Marketplace Master

Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about the lessons he learned in creating a crowdsourced, subscription-driven marketplace.

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