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How I Did It

Personal and sometimes emotional entrepreneur stories.

How Jules Kroll Ignored Naysayers & Started a Rating Agency

When credit rating agencies came under fire for their role in the 2008 financial crisis, Jules Kroll, the corporate-investigations pioneer, saw a business opportunity.

How Twilio Went to Market Without Investors

Twilio, software for app developers, sought funding just as the 2008 financial crisis hit. Co-founder Jeff Lawson's response: "Screw it."

What a Serial Entrepreneur Can't Resist

When Jose Ferreira's first company failed, he thought he would never start another one. But then he launched Knewton, which makes online education tools.

Intuit's Scott Cook on Failed Global Expansion: 'We Should've Known Better'

Intuit founder Scott Cook tells what went wrong the first time he rolled out the company's Quicken tax prep software around the world.

Flat-Out Rejection: Caliper's Hard Early Months

Herb Greenberg, who lost his sight at age 10, developed a test to help employers see workers for who they really are. But four months after founding HR consultancy Caliper, Greenberg had failed to win a single client.

The Law Is on Our Side (Because We Helped Write It)

Jessica Scorpio struggled for years to get her company, Getaround, off the ground, largely due to one massive roadblock.

The 22nd Time is the Charm

When the infomercial company Beachbody introduced a set of fitness DVDs called P90X in 2005, the product bombed. Carl Daikeler explains how he turned it into $700m in sales.

How I Fixed the Job Interview

Herb Greenberg, who lost his sight at age 10, developed a test to let employers see workers for who they really are.

Why I Told Anonymous to Kiss My Ass

Dana White, President of Ultimate Fighting Championship, decided to fight back when hacker group Anonymous attacked his company.

Fishbowl CEO: How We Survived a Series of Disasters

When David Williams took over Fishbowl in 2004, he thought the job would be easy sailing. Boy, was he in for a few surprises.

Bad Times Have Treated Us Well at Eventbrite

Julia Hartz, a co-founder of the online ticket seller, explains how it has sold more than 60 million tickets since 2006.

Big Win for Omgpop; 2 Very Different Stories

Charles Forman founded Omgpop, and left in 2011. CEO Dan Porter ran the company through producing its big hit, Draw Something, and sale to Zynga for $180 million. They tell their stories.

'Why I Will Never Be a Victim'

After a vicious attack, Save the Date founder Jennifer Gilbert not only moved on, she also built a $30 million business.

Don't Shoot! I'm Getting Funded!

Yaron Galai was a reserve naval officer in Israel when he founded his fourth company, Outbrain. That's why he found himself negotiating from the trenches.

How We Accidentally Became Top Online Retailers

The founders of, Elliot and Joseph Arking, explain how they did it.

Pandora's Sweet Sound of Success

It took a while for Tim Westergren to get his Internet radio business out of "perpetual start-up mode." Now it's a public company with 560 employees.

We'll Never Forget This Colleague

Jay Deutsch, CEO of Seattle-based BDA, explains how his company faced a tragic loss--and now has a new mission.

Bonobos Founder: We Failed & We're Better For It

Entrepreneur Andy Dunn almost lost his e-commerce business to a major mistake. Find out how the company made a comeback.

'Why I Carry This Reminder'

Ryan Blair, CEO of ViSalus, opens up about facing tragedy while running a business.

Dollar Shave Club: Yeah, We Have Big Investors

CEO Michael Dubin's signature dry humor (and viral marketing video) put his company, Dollar Shave Club, on the radar of some pretty big fish.

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