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How I Did It

Personal and sometimes emotional entrepreneur stories.

Lessons Learned: Conquering Scaling

Birchbox co-founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp share how they manage scaling their quickly growing beauty discovery service.

Lessons Learned: Making Tough Choices

Gene Gray, president of Innovative IDM talks about the challenging decision he made to survive the recession and the need for balance between work and home.

Lessons Learned: Leading the Runway

Rent The Runway co-founders Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss make as many mistakes as possible as quickly as possible--and then analyze them to figure out how they can improve over time.

Lessons Learned: Seeing What Sticks

Someecards co-founder and CEO Duncan Mitchell talks about how he and his team decide which of 20 ideas are worth trying.

How I Did It: Lessons Learned: When Things Go Viral

BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti talks about how an e-mail exchange with Nike led to his idea for promoting social content across the Web.

How I Did It; Lessons Learned: Jack Cohen-Martin, DynamicVideo

DynamicVideo founder and COO Jack Cohen-Martin discusses how he evolved his core customer base during the recession.

What It’s Like…to Wait Out an Interminable Non-compete

After founder Bob Diener sold to IAC in 2003, he went to kite-surf camp in Costa Rica. And when his five-year non-compete was up he launched

How I Did It: Sandra Green, n-Link Corporation

n-Link Corporation founder Sandra Green discusses how creating an employee stock ownership plan gave her employees more incentive to stay at their current jobs.

How I Did It: Johnny LeHane, WAKA Kickball

WAKA Kickball co-founder Johnny LeHane talks about building longer term relationships with his customers--and learning to ask for help.

How I Did It: Barry Hartzberg, Satory Global

Barry Hartzberg, describes how he created a comfortable family feeling at Satory Global, the management and consulting IT firm he co-founded.

How I Did It: Tom Gimbel, The LaSalle Network

Tom Gimbel, CEO and founder of The LaSalle Network, talks about how he successfully led his staffing firm through the recession.

Out of the Coma. Back to the Office.

Rob McGovern is the same driven entrepreneur he was before his horrific car accident. Except that now his brain works differently.

How to Raise $1.2 Million in Venture Capital

Drew Houston literally didn’t know what to do with his first million dollars.

How to Handle Crazy Demand

Robert Croak, creator of Silly Bandz, remembers life at the center of a craze.

Breaking Through Stereotypes

Bethenny Frankel has 120 million reasons to feel vindicated.

How to Stay at No. 1

Niklas Hed is a little intimidated by his own success.

What to Do When You're Fired From the Company You Started

Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of Seventh Generation, says he wasn’t just cut loose; he was set free.

Learning to Communicate With Employees

Cal McAllister’s staff was unhappy and confused, and he had to take responsibility.

Coping With a Natural Disaster

Corey Russ’s business was nearly destroyed by a tornado--but that didn’t mean he couldn’t help his neighbors.

Surviving a Really Bad Year

Everything that could go wrong for Greg Nemeth did. He and his company survived.

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