How I Did It

Personal and sometimes emotional entrepreneur stories.

How I Did It: Inc.'s 35th Anniversary Edition

Michael Dell, Diane von Furstenberg, Richard Branson, and 13 other legendary entrepreneurs offer their insights and personal stories

How Diane Von Furstenberg Persevered to Build a Fashion Legacy

DVF founder shares her advice for entrepreneurs: Stay true to yourself.

The CEO's Most Important Job, According to Panera's Ron Shaich

A great CEO values 'discovery,' says founder Ron Shaich--not becoming more efficient.

Dany Levy: What It Feels Like to Cash Out--Then Watch Your Company Die

DailyCandy founder Dany Levy sold at the peak of the market. But now the company is no more.

ModCloth Founders on Their Biggest Blind Spot

Eric and Susan Gregg Koger carefully weighed nearly every decision. Except one.

An Entrepreneur At Heart, Debbi Fields Misses Running the Show

After selling Mrs. Fields, founder Debbi Fields learned to deal with the entrepreneurial version of empty-nest syndrome.

Staples' Tom Stemberg Advises Businesses to Avoid the 'Amazon Effect'

Now a VC investor, Tom Stemberg has a warning for entrepreneurs thinking about competing with Amazon.

Patagonia's 100-Year Plan: Yvon Chouinard to Elevate Social Mission

After a recession nearly killed Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard decided to build the company to last.

The Princeton Review's John Katzman On The One Thing He Did Right (And What He Did Wrong)

John Katzman reflects on his best and worst moves in the early days of his first startup.

Tony Hsieh Tells Competitors What They Should and Shouldn't Take From Zappo's Company Culture

Culture is important, says Zappos founder Tony Hsieh. But make it your own.

Why Samuel Adams Supports Its Competitors

Founder Jim Koch explains why he gives money, materials, and advice to other craft brewers.

Richard Branson on His Love/Hate Relationship With Government

What Virgin Group's founder has learned about working with regulators.

Ben Lerer: My Make or Break Decision

Thrillist co-founder Ben Lerer took a big risk by buying a company in a completely different industry.

Gordon Segal: My One-Page Business Book

Crate and Barrel founder Gordon Segal boils down his successful approach to retail.

Michael Dell: How I Became an Entrepreneur Again

Twenty-five years after Dell went public, Michael Dell took it private in 2013. Now, he aims to transform the business.

What Went Wrong After DailyCandy's $125 Million Sale

When Dany Levy sold her email newsletter DailyCandy to Comcast for $125 million, she thought she was fortifying the future of the company. This is what happened next.

How Jake Bronstein Got the Nerve to Start Flint and Tinder

Jake Bronstein, the founder of Flint and Tinder U.S.-made apparel, had nothing to lose by testing a product on Kickstarter. The response he got was overwhelming.

How Jason Fried Decided to Focus His Company on One Product

Jason Fried talks about why he got his whole team to work entirely on his flagship product, Basecamp, even if it meant abandoning some other great ideas.

The Entrepreneur Disrupting Wall Street

The story of how Brad Katsuyama--a former RBC trader featured in Michael Lewis' book Flash Boys--started his own stock exchange.

How Scott Borchetta Discovered Taylor Swift

Scott Borchetta, the founder of Big Machine Label Group, tells how he signed on Taylor Swift and launched his own country music record company.

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