How I Did It

Personal and sometimes emotional entrepreneur stories.

How I Did It: The 2006 Inc. 500

Inc.'s popular How I Did It feature, times 11. The leaders of Inc. 500 companies from a breadth of industries talk about their paths to success.

How I Did It: Steve Sabol, President, NFL Films

With his very first documentary, in 1965, Steve Sabol of NFL Films became the designated mythmaker of pro football. Now the company is a $50 million family operation embedded within a multibillion-dollar business.

How I Did It: Joe Sitt, Thor Equities

Transforming urban shopping, one skeptical town at a time.

How I Did It: Reed Hastings, Netflix

The founder of Netflix on developing a passion brand, and sustaining it as passions change.

How I Did It: Paulette Cole, CEO, ABC Home

Your partner wants to focus on growth. You want to follow a passion more than a strategy. Could you walk away? Paulette Cole recently did that with ABC Home, and she recently made a joyous return.

How I Did It: Sidney Frank, founder, Sidney Frank Importing

"I wanted to be a billionaire," says the man responsible for your Jägermeister headache. At age 85 he stunned the liquor industry by getting his wish.

How I Did It: Paul Frank

Some people say he monkeys around.

How I Did It: Jeffrey Citron

First he disrupted the brokerage business. Now, with Vonage, Jeffrey Citron is changing the game on the phone companies.

How I Did It: Donny Deutsch

As another very confident man said, It ain't bragging if you can do it.

How I Did It: Barbara Kavovit

With great power tools comes great responsibility.

How I Did It: Mike Veeck

Midgets? Nuns who give massages? Disco Demolition Night? Free vasectomies on Father's Day? If there's one thing Mike Veeck learned from his father and from building a profitable empire of minor league baseball teams, it's this: Fun is good.

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