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Today's thought leaders talk about ideas that will take entrepreneurship into the future.

Have a Beer, It's Good for Your Brain

A recent study out of Oregon State University found that a flavonoid in hops, which is used to make beer, increased intellectual function in mice.

Actually, Don't Quit Your Day Job Before Starting Your Business

New research finds that keeping your day job while launching your new company dramatically cuts your risk of failure.

How to Nail Your Marketing Message in a World of Increasing Channels

Springboard's Kay Koplovitz talks to Inc.'s Kris Frieswick about the work she's done helping women get funding, the evolution of video programming, and the challenges of marketing in today's world.

Why Being an Entrepreneur Is Harder Than Running Merrill Lynch

Before you trade your cubicle for the trenches of entrepreneurship, make sure you know what you're getting into.

What Steve Blank Knows About Silicon Valley, Lean Startups, and Dysfunctional Families

Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank sat down with Inc. deputy editor Allison Fass to talk about his startup hits (and misses), his process that can make launching a company less risky, and what family chaos has to do with entrepreneurship.

How to Succeed by Simplifying Everything

Many startups take on too much and eventually die of indigestion rather than starvation, says professor and author Mohanbir Sawhney.

Why No One's Cracked Mobile E-Commerce Yet

It's onerous, baffling, and often a waste of time--and that's just for the consumers. Here's what startups are missing.

Don't Like Office Politics? Too Bad. You Can't Lead Without It

Sam Bacharach, co-founder of Bacharach Leadership Group, explains why politics and entrepreneurship cannot be separated.

Why It Pays to Have Large Competitors

Customers may rally around you if they see a big corporation threatening your business, according to new research in the MIT Sloan Management Review.

How Great Leaders Think

The author of "Happiness at Work" explains why entrepreneurs should rethink the way they react to adversity.

Srikumar Rao: How Leaders Can Rethink Happiness

Happiness at Work author Srikumar Rao tells Inc. deputy editor Allison Fass how entrepreneurs can reframe their thinking to eliminate discontent and bring greater joy into their lives.

Effective Leadership Requires This One Key Trait

Brené Brown, the bestselling author of "Daring Greatly," explains why the best entrepreneurs all do one thing that doesn't exactly come naturally to them.

The First Robot That Behaves Like a Human

RoboThespian is the first commercial robot that can hold eye contact, tell a joke, and perform "Singin' in the Rain."

Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman on Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Gut

The professor and bestselling author explains why entrepreneurs should rely on data to predict outcomes--not their intuition.

Simple Trick to Make Better Decisions

Economist and bestselling author Noreena Hertz explains what the most successful people do differently when they're faced with high-stakes decisions.

Why Everyone's Happy When Small Businesses are Happy

New data from Wells Fargo and PNC Bank show improved small business sentiment and labor conditions.

How to Nudge Employees to Be More Creative

The dean of Stanford Business School explains the crucial tools people need to discover a creative side they may not know they have.

Nobel Laureate Edmund Phelps on the Problem With Today's CEOs

The Nobel Prize-winning economist explains why America needs to rebuild its pioneering spirit.

The Most Painless Way to Develop a Business Model

While your first stab at developing a working business model will seldom turn out right, there's lots to learn in the process.

Why It's Getting Harder to Start Your Own Business

New data from the Brookings Institution paints a dreary picture of the U.S. startup landscape, where entrenched competitors are walking away with a bigger share of business.

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