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Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts columnist and senior contributing editor Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and expanded six businesses.

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The Offer, Part Four

We interrupt these negotiations while a bunch of outsiders critique my very existence.  Read more

The Offer, Part Three

I can sell my businesses for more money than I ever thought possible. But then who will I be?  Read more

The Offer, Part Two

After spending decades building his businesses, our columnist managed to negotiate the offer of a lifetime--by refusing to negotiate.  Read more

The Offer, Part One

You'd think he'd be celebrating, but our columnist has discovered that getting a great offer for your business can be a very scary proposition.  Read more

Are You Listening to Me?

You can if you want to--but you have to make your own decisions. Some advice on how to give, get, and take advice.  Read more

Keep Your Customers

It's hard to make the Inc. 500 if you're always churning clients.  Read more

What Your Employees Think of You

You think you know, but you don't. Here's how to find out.  Read more

Listen Up!

We all like to think we listen to our customers--but do we really hear them?  Read more

Sam and Me

Sometimes, even headstrong, go-it-alone entrepreneurs need a partner. I know.  Read more

What Are You Trying to Do?

When you are starting a business, it's amazing how easy it is to lose track of your real goal. Columnist Norm Brodsky explains  Read more

The One Thing You Can't Delegate

Defining--and enforcing--your company's culture may be your most important job.  Read more

Targeting Norm

Believe it or not, some Inc. readers have the unmitigated gall to challenge our columnist's thinking. But don't worry, Norm can take it.  Read more

The Most Important Resource

Time is more valuable than money--a lesson many business owners learn too late.  Read more

Be Prepared

When your contract with a longtime client expires, do you reread every word of the original contract? No? Let me tell you a story.  Read more

How Much Risk Can You Take?

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs. You need to know which kind you are.  Read more

The Name Game

Few things are less important to the success of a business than figuring out what to call it.  Read more

Marketing for Dummies

Because only dummies would waste their money on it.  Read more

The More, the Merrier

An industry isn't mature--and you can't be secure--until a lot of other people are doing what you do.  Read more

Dealing With Cost Hikes

Lots of people will tell you now is the best time to raise prices. Don't follow them!  Read more

How to Lose Customers

It's easy. Just convince them that they're getting a lousy deal.  Read more

Let the (Political) Games Begin

What do you do when the government wants to replace your business with a big swimming pool?  Read more

Firing Carlotta

If you have rules, you have to be prepared to stick with them-even when it's hard.  Read more

What's Your Business Really Worth?

Before you try to sell, make sure you know what buyers want.  Read more

Why the Union Can't Win

It's time for labor leaders to start thinking like business leaders.  Read more

Subcontracting Made Easy

If my friends at Local 361 had done the job, I never would have met this unusual crew of ironworkers.  Read more

Don't Sign Anything Yet

Beware of commitments that can doom your business from the outset.  Read more

Pennies From Heaven

Simple formula: You take care of your employees, they'll take care of your company.  Read more

Street Smarts: Just Say Yes

How a policy that sounds tough can turn into a lifeline for some.  Read more

Presumed Guilty

Let your lawyers stick to lawyering. The business decisions should remain in your hands.  Read more

Hidden Assets

When I realized my land was worth as much as my business, I really fell in love with real estate.  Read more

The Myths About Niches

First you find a good market niche. Then you get ready for it to change and keep changing.  Read more

Bring 'em On!

Bring 'em on! Our fearless columnist gives his readers a chance to disagree (but how could they?).  Read more

Everybody Sells

Your work force can become a secret weapon for closing sales.  Read more

You're Fired!

Tired of receiving poor service? Don't just sit there and whine about it. Do something!  Read more

Street Smarts: What's New?

Like Inc. , columnist Brodsky is celebrating his 25th year in business, and much has changed in that time--including how Brodsky thinks about his cho...  Read more

Learning From JetBlue

One day flying JetBlue, I found myself being served by David Neeleman, the airline's founder. When was the last time you met your customers and asked how you...  Read more

Problems, Problems

Problems, problems. Every business owner has them. The key question is this: Are you just stopping the bleeding, or are you dealing with the root causes?  Read more

The Thin Red Line

Sometimes, success--or failure--is just one decision away.  Read more

The Capacity Trap II

Sometimes it's better to let your unused capacity stay unused.  Read more