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Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts columnist and senior contributing editor Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and expanded six businesses.

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Keeping Your Company Healthy

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Prospecting for Black Gold

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Divvying Up the Business

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Growing Up as a CEO

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How to Avoid the Price-War Trap

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6 Lessons on Starting Up From Norm Brodsky

"Street Smarts" columnist and senior contributing editor Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and built six businesses. Here, he shares his...  View slideshow

How to Take On a Bully

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How to Adapt Your Business Model for Hard Times

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How to Prepare Your Business for Inflation

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Building Your Business

Norm Brodsky talks about deciding which opportunities a small business should pursue.  Read more

How to Drum Up Customer Referrals

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How to Keep Your Message Clear

How to optimize your marketing message by better understanding the customer  Read more

Are Your Credit Card Bills Out of Control?

In order to build a viable business, you need to exercise sound inventory control.  Read more

How to Benefit From Government Cutbacks

Government spending cuts will be painful, but private businesses could still see growth opportunities.  Read more

Running an Event on a Budget

Norm Brodsky offers advice on running an event for your customers without breaking the bank.  Read more

Reaching Your Target Market

Norm Brodsky offers his advice on how to attract more of the right kind of customers.  Read more

Capitalizing on the Economic Recovery

Each economic recovery is different. Norm Brodsky gives advice on planning for recovery.  Read more

Sales Strategy Checkup

How to make customers realize they need your product  Read more

Understanding Your Company

Advice for small business owners when winging it is not enough to build your company  Read more

Planning to Exit

How to build your company with a plan to sell  Read more

How to Pay Less in Taxes

Norm Brodsky says the secret to keeping your taxes low is knowing your numbers.  Read more

Dealing With Disappearing Debtors

Norm Brodsky advises what to do when customers go bust.  Read more

Looking Beyond VCs

Norm Brodsky explains how to find the right financial partner.  Read more

A Little Self-Promotion Never Hurts

How to get the word out about your new business  Read more

Don't Try to Sell Too Soon

How to build your business up before you sell.  Read more

To Franchise, or Not to Franchise?

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Who You Know Still Matters

The importance of gaining access to decision makers.  Read more

How to Expand Your Market

And keep your costs low.  Read more

Managing Your Real Estate

Beware of big prepayment penalties.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Fighting Bureaucracy

What to do when your new senior managers bring corporate ideas to your business.  Read more

Solving the Pricing Riddle

A veteran entrepreneur explains why it's better to charge on the high end.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Keeping Your Business Concept Simple

When you offer a number of different services, building an easy-to-understand brand can be tricky.  Read more

Read Carefully Before You Sign on the Line

Watch out for the exploding interest rate.  Read more

How Do You Name a Company?

According to veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky, it doesn't matter.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on When It's Time to Sell

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Norm Brodsky on Finding a Good Lawyer

How can entrepreneurs get the most benefit and the best value from their attorneys?  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Competition

Low-price competition is a serious threat. How can a small business fight it?  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Why Real Estate Still Rules

Is it better to own or lease real estate? Our columnist shares his advice.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Expanding Upmarket

How can a staffing firm that works with unskilled labor expand into professional staffing placements? Our columnist shares his advice.  Read more