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Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts columnist and senior contributing editor Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and expanded six businesses.

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Never Work for Chump Change

How much you should pay yourself, how to make the most of empty space, and what to do when under legal attack  Read more

The Days of Cheap Capital Are Gone for Good

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A Deal Falls Through

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The Rule of Three

Anticipating the torpedoes that can sink a deal  Read more

Selling My Company (Again)

I thought I cashed out. But then the credit squeeze changed my plans  Read more

Management Advice from Entrepreneur Norm Brodsky

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When Negotiating, Always Listen Before You Speak

It pays to find out what the other side is thinking, then adjust your position accordingly  Read more

How to Fix Cash-Flow Problems

Cash-flow problems have just a few possible causes. More often than you might think, business is all about the basics  Read more

My First Year

When my start-up found itself face to face with catastrophe because of conditions beyond my control, I learned how to cope  Read more

Surviving the Recession

It requires conquering your fears and making the right choices. Many business owners won't do either  Read more

Our Irrational Fear of Numbers

No, you didn't start a company because you wanted to learn accounting. But you had better learn some - pronto - if you want to really understand your business.  Read more

Whose Business is It, Anyway?

It's yours ! So don't apologize for setting aside your emotions and doing the right thing.  Read more

What the Financial Crisis Means for You?

The rules of small-business banking have changed, and that's bad news for the economy. But there are ways to cope, and there may even be a silver lining.  Read more

Secrets of a $110 Million Man

There are no guarantees when it comes to running a business. But the best entrepreneurs I know follow these guidelines.  Read more

Falling in Love With Growth

As everyone on the Inc. 500 knows, building a company can be exhilarating. Just don't forget what got you there.  Read more

It Takes a Company

If your best salesperson leaves, how do you make sure you don't lose your best customers, too?  Read more

Ask Norm

How do you know when it's time to sell -- and other questions from our columnist's readers  Read more

Get Lost

Taking more vacations increased the value of my company. How cool is that?  Read more

Norm Brodsky, Recession All-Star

Inc. columnist Norm Brodsky just sold three businesses. Two of them were started just as the economy slipped into recession, in 1990 and 2000. ...  Read more

The Offer: Part 11

I'll be over here if anyone needs me.  Read more

The Offer: Part 10

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The Long Road to Nirvana

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The Simon Cowell of Sales

Few things are more fun--and productive--than critiquing someone else's sales performance.  Read more

"You Do What?"

"I import dirt," he said. And if he can keep his focus, it just might work.  Read more

Follow the Numbers

It's the best way to spot problems before they become life-threatening.  Read more

Do You Really Know Your Problems?

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to see what they want to see.  Read more

What Are You, a Bank?

You probably lend your customers more money than you realize. Have you checked lately?  Read more

Proof That Good Entrepreneurs Can Make Bad Investors

Or how I figured out how to handle my own money.  Read more

Free At Last

There's nothing like getting rid of those personal guarantees.  Read more

Taking On Starbucks

How independents can hold their ground.  Read more

The Offer, Part Nine

What I learned from my fiasco.  Read more

The Offer, Part Eight

You have got to be kidding me.  Read more

The Offer, Part Seven

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The Offer, Part Six

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It's All About Trust

Confronted with the offer of a lifetime, our columnist concludes it's time to sell. Part 5 of a series .  Read more