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Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts columnist and senior contributing editor Norm Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and expanded six businesses.

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Street Smarts: Getting Support at Home

Norm Brodsky explains the support you need from your family to help you become a successful entrepreneur.  Watch video

Street Smarts: The Advantages of Military Entrepreneurs

Norm Brodsky outlines the special strengths military entrepreneurs need to take advantage of to succeed in their business.  Watch video

Military Entrepreneurs Have a Higher Calling

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Street Smarts: Finding Great Mentors

Norm Brodsky explains why you need a network of mentors for your business.  Watch video

Ask Norm: How Do I Compensate My Employees Fairly?

Norm Brodsky takes a question about open book management and how to fairly compensate your employees when the are aware of the company's financials.  Watch video

The Perils of Success

No one wants to fail. But the toughest challenges emerge when you achieve your goal, not when you fall short.  Read more

Ask Norm: What Kind of People Should I Hire?

Norm Brodsky explains what he looks for when hiring people for his companies.  Watch video

The Entrepreneur's Biggest Pitfall: Boredom

When things get stale, it's easier to make dumb mistakes. Don't let it happen to you.  Read more

Success Is Even Sweeter When You've Been Down and Out

Sooner or later, everybody fails. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Read more

Ask Norm: How Do I Bring on a Partner?

Norm Brodsky tells a founder how to bring on a partner to share the burden of his business.  Watch video

Everyone Fails. What's Key Is to Learn the Right Lessons

Once you see that failure is normal, you'll improve the odds of success.  Read more

Ask Norm: I Want to Pass My Company On to an Employee. What Should I Do?

Norm Brodsky helps a business owner who wants to give a longtime worker a piece of the action.  Watch video

Getting Ready for Growth

Here's the challenge: Look to the future, but also stay focused on the present.  Read more

Don't Worry; Grow Happy

Inc.'s Norm Brodsky talks about knowing when to walk away from opportunities that others consider can't-miss.  Read more

When Not to Join the Family Business

You always face the challenge of keeping your emotions from getting in the way of making sound business decisions. Those emotions are especially strong when ...  Read more

Don't Let Your Breaking Point Upend Your Goals

This business has grown so well that the owner can't take it anymore. Should he hire an expensive manager?  Read more

When Business Gets Boring

You don't enjoy the work anymore, but retirement isn't all that far off. Chin up, or shove off?  Read more

The Upside of Having Setbacks

Every business has problems. To build a business, you need to learn how to love the process of solving them.  Read more

The Difference Between a Mentor and a Consultant

How to find a mentor and what to expect from the relationship.  Read more

Knowing When to End a Partnership

Unfortunately it can take some time before you realize that a business partnership isn't built to last, and hopefully you have documents in place to mitigate...  Read more

The Single Most Important Rule of Business

Entrepreneurs are great at meeting challenges with optimism--but sometimes that's not what the business needs.  Read more

How to Find the Perfect Acquisition Target

You know your business better than anyone else. So skip the broker--and do the homework yourself.  Read more

How to Stay Alive When Business Shrinks

You've used everything you had to keep going, but it may not be enough. Norm Brodsky weighs in on what to do next.  Read more

How to Handle Employee Sabotage

Not all employees resign gracefully. Some try to sabotage your company on their way out. Here's how veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky deals with it.  Read more

Buying a Business? Expect the Unexpected

If you're considering buying a business, consider veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky's advice first.  Read more

How to Deal with Late Payments

When times are tough, customers take longer to pay their bills. You can count on it. Veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky says that's the wrong time to start th...  Read more

The Commodity-Pricing Trap

Norm Brodsky advises on how to avoid the race to the bottom.  Read more

Do You Need a Business Broker?

When buying a business, what's the going rate for hiring a broker, and who is responsible for paying it?  Read more

When Is It Time to Throw in the Towel?

Giving up isn't something that comes easy to entrepreneurs, but sometimes, giving up might just be the best move.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on the New Breed of Entrepreneur

If nine out of 10 entrepreneurs are starting Web-based businesses. Is that trouble?  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Weighing Prospective Clients

How much time is too much time for a small-but-growing company to spend talking to and preparing estimates for prospective clients?  Read more

Norm Brodsky on the Right Way to Reward Top Employees

When you have a stand-out employee, is increasing pay and benefits enough?  Read more

No Vacancy at the Hotel Brodsky

By the time Norm's new hotel opens, it will have been booked for the next three years, and therein lies an important lesson for any entrepreneur.  Read more

Keeping Peace in the Family

The best way to avoid bickering over family ownership of a company is to put everything in writing early on.  Read more

Making a Smooth Transition When Buying a Business

How can you retain a great company culture when forcing an ownership transition?  Read more

Entrepreneurs: Leash Your Optimism

Even in tough times, entrepreneurs are incurable optimists. But too much optimism can blind you to the obstacles ahead.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Overcoming Your Fear of Competition

Norm Brodsky says that buying a business to stifle competition is never a good move. Spend the time and money improving your own business.  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Dealing With Picky Customers

What should you do when customers insist on working only with you?  Read more

Norm Brodsky on Identifying Outstanding Salespeople

Good salespeople focus on the particular feature the customer cares about.  Read more

Being Prepared When Things Go Wrong

What's the best policy for raising prices to offset the cost of materials?  Read more