The Playbook

Learn by doing -- or from those who have done it before.

How to Pitch Mark Cuban--and Land His Money

Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban explains how to persuade him to invest his money.

How to Encourage a Really Strong Company Culture

PackIt founder Melissa Kieling talks about her team's collaborative design process.

The Biggest Reason Businesses Fail

Jon Taffer, host of Spike TV's Bar Rescue, explains how you can increase your chances of success.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Non-Profit

Sama group founder Leila Janah explains the differences between starting a for-profit and non-profit organization.

How to Get Your Opinion Heard and Influence Others

Leadership advisor Anese Cavanaugh offers a few tips.

How to Achieve a Higher Level of Management

Chris Reed, founder of Reed's soda, explains how your business can offer almost a new-age self-help opportunity to look at situations and do them better.

How to Sell If You Hate Selling

First, says Inc. contributing editor Geoffrey James, you have to change what you think selling is about.

Mark Cuban: 'The One Thing I Would Have Done Differently'

Serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban talks about the most important lesson he's learned about business during his career.

3 Life Hacks to Increase Your Presence

Leadership advisor Anese Cavanaugh explains how to improve your personal presence both inside and outside the office.

How the WWE Handles Social Media

Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of World Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon, explains how the WWE fights for social media success.

Jon Taffer: 'The Whole Interview Process is B.S.'

Bar Rescue TV Host Jon Taffer explains the intrinsic problems with the interview process and the tactic he uses to streamline hiring.

The Mindset you Need to Enter (and Win) a Saturated Market

No point entering a saturated market, right? Wrong. Tequila Avion founder Ken Austin explains how you need to think about your entry into a seemingly saturated market.

Why You Want to Sell to Other Businesses (Not Consumers)

Mona Bijoor, founder of fashion company JOOR, explains the not-so-obvious advantages of owning a business-to-business company.

How to Take Advantage of Online Shopping Trends

Century21 co-owner Eddi Gindi describes how brick-and-mortar retailers can offer more online shopping to grow their businesses.

Steve Blank: How to Make CEO Hubris Work for You

Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank explains you must create a 'reality distortion field' but not enter it yourself.

Eileen Fisher: Leadership Is About Listening

Eileen Fisher explains how she stays open-minded to new ideas while maintaining a clear focus for her company's goals.

4 Necessary Characteristics of Your Next Hire

Jessica Johnson, president of Johnson Securities Bureau, explains how she winnows down the applicant pool and hires for the best cultural fit.

3 Questions That Will Help Define Your Company Culture

Inc. columnist Geoffrey James explains how to properly define your company culture for employees.

Universal Leadership Lessons From the Construction Industry

Frank Sorrentino, CEO of ConnectOne Bank, explains what he learned leading a construction business before he started a bank.

3 Ways to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch columnist Geoffrey James describes how to get your business pitch right.

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