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The Playbook

Learn by doing -- or from those who have done it before.

3 Things to Do Before You Launch a Beverage Company

Kara Goldin, founder of of Hint Water, explains how you can determine if your new drink has promise.

2 IPO Lessons From Shutterstock

Shutterstock's $76 million IPO has been called 'picture perfect.' Here CEO Jon Oringer confides two ways to help you follow in his footsteps.

Align Managers and Employees Like 2 Rails on a Railroad Track

Bob Nardelli, the former CEO of Chrysler and Home Depot, explains how to enlist your team to deliver effectively.

Bob Nardelli: 'Just When You Think You're Done, Go Back and Take Another Look'

The former CEO of Chrysler and Home Depot recommends you differentiate yourself by always being over prepared.

Astronaut Mark Kelly: 'Even Though It's Fun, It's a Continuous Crisis'

When space shuttle commander Mark Kelly led flights into space, he did not delegate. Here he describes his hands-on approach.

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales

Likeable Media co-founder Dave Kerpen explains how Etsy and other businesses are already doing e-commerce on Pinterest.

JJ Ramberg: Never Say 'No' to a Potential Customer

Instead, the host of MSNBC's Your Business says you want to talk up something you do offer. Here's how.

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to Find (and Vet) New Hires

On social networks, you can learn what prospective candidates are like long before you meet them, says Dave Kerpen, co-founder of Likeable Media.

Dries Buytaert: 3 Crazy Ways to Really Motivate Employees

Drupal founder Dries Buytaert explains how he encourages his team to meet hugely ambitious goals.

How One Health Care Entrepreneur Repositions for 'Obamacare'

Larry Lawson, CEO of eCardio, describes how he's preparing for Obama's health care reform and falling reimbursements.

SurePayroll's Michael Alter: 'Operate for a Slowdown Going-Forward'

Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, explains how you can prepare for the so-called fiscal cliff, the combination of automatic tax increases and budget cuts.

JJ Ramberg: 'Remember Everything You've Done Throughout the Year'

Advice on how to wrap up the year from the host of MSNBC's Your Business and co-founder of

Make an Effective Mobile Web Site

Don't just shrink your site for mobile viewers, says AnswerLab CEO Amy Buckner Chowdhry.

Economic Uncertainty Will Continue to Stymie M&A Activity in 2013

Steve Krouskos, who heads up global M&A advisory at Ernst & Young, expects it will continue to be tough to sell your business next year.

Bob Nardelli: 'The Best Way to Set the Culture Is to Put It in Writing'

The one-time CEO of Chrysler and Home Depot says companies should have a mosaic of ethnicity, experience, and opinion.

How to Get More Social Media Followers

Likeable Media founder Dave Kerpen says one group of people is more important--and more readily accessible--than any other.

3 Smart Ways to Set Sales Quotas for Next Year

Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, explains exactly how to incent your sales team.

How the Founder of Drupal Hires Engineers

Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, says one interview question is more important than any other.

What to Do Now About the Fiscal Cliff

Michael Alter, CEO of SurePayroll, explains how you should prepare for the looming fiscal cliff.

Make Your Employees Love Working for You: 4 Simple Steps

Amy Buckner Chowdhry explains how she improved employee retention at AnswerLab, the digital experience consultancy she co-founded.

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