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All small businesses face a constant challenge: how to stretch finite time and financial resources to incredible lengths in order to achieve consistent growth. This edition of Productivity@Work delivers tricks and hacks that will help you get more out of every minute and every dollar. We're here to help you build your business. That's B4B.


Managing Network TCO

Managing network costs is a continuous balancing act for small and medium-sized businesses. They are constantly challenged to find the best allocations of often limited resources to ensure networks remain reliable, flexible enough to grow, and cost-effective.

Securing Cloud Systems with Mobile Employees

The unfettered access and flexibility that mobile applications and cloud-based networks provide employees has been a boon for many small and medium-sized businesses. Is your cloud system secure? Take some simple yet important steps to increase security.

The Benefits of Offering Free Customer Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi access is fast becoming a prominent customer expectation. Consumer-facing small and medium-sized businesses not currently offering their customers free Wi-Fi may soon find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage -- if they're not already.

Protect Your Business from Cybercrime Threats

Successful cybercrime attacks against giant corporations and government agencies may get all the headlines, but small and medium-sized businesses are not immune. In fact, they often make particularly attractive targets because they tend to have small security budgets.

Hosting Unforgettable Social Media Events

Businesses of all types and sizes have begun including social media events in their marketing mix and with good reason. This digital strategy can be particularly rewarding for small and medium-sized businesses

Secrets of Super-Productive People

Most owners of small and medium-size businesses face a constant bombardment of decisions to be made and fires to be put out, but is that really the most productive use of your time? Often, the answer is no. Here's where you should be focusing now.

How to Make Users Love Your Website

The most common problem that Lorrie Thomas Smith, CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, encounters with the websites of small and medium-sized businesses is a straightforward one and, thankfully, pretty easy to fix.

Improve Your Leadership Presence

Some people think the term "leadership presence" is all about wearing the right wardrobe or mastering the latest presentation skills. True leadership presence involves much more -- and you probably underestimate its importance to the success of your business. Here's what you need to know.


Why Content Is Essential to Your Culture

In business today, content must be a key element in order to stay competitive. Not only do you need content but it must be valuable, and education-based for your ideal customer.

Startup Insights

Choosing Your Startup Team Wisely

Entrepreneurs are bombarded with issues competing for their attention during the early days of a startup venture, and prioritizing strategically can be a challenge. But even in the midst of that frenzied environment, choosing the right startup team should be at the top of your list.

What VCs Want in a Startup

If you want to attract venture capital for your new business, here's a suggestion: Start with a great idea and be really good at what you do. Here's a peek at VC's wish list in companies they seek to fund.



B4B Resource: Web Hosting

Your website is the lifeline to your business, so make sure it's always up and running with reliable Web hosting

B4B Resource: Make Yourself Heard

Most companies conduct a significant amount of business by telephone, and there's no better platform for that than Comcast Business VoiceEdge. With HD voice quality and a host of productivity-boosting features, VoiceEdge is like having a cloud-based virtual PBX.


Upware Tip: Cloud Desk: Concierge Service

The Cloud Desk connects you with knowledgeable Comcast Business Cloud Desk agents for consultation and recommendations, acting like a concierge service for Hosted Applications.

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