Today’s workplace is changing rapidly and in many different ways, from the growth of the “anywhere office” and remote employees to the spread of collaborative work styles and social media in the business space. However, a must-have fundamental for businesses of all types--from cutting-edge to highly traditional--is reliable Internet service with the bandwidth, speed, and scalability to meet each individual business’s needs. That, says Debe Marofsky, is why she relies on Comcast Business Internet.

“We live on our computers all day, every day,” says Marofsky, founder and owner of Affiliated Insurance Services LLC in Plymouth, Minnesota. “Email communication with customers and vendors, all of the individual insurance company programs, rating services, our own management programs--it is essential to us to have Internet service that is up and running as fast as we are. Providing service to our customers quickly and efficiently is our number one priority. We expect the same from our suppliers, and that’s exactly what we get with Comcast Business Internet. I’d never consider any other Internet provider.”

The Affiliated Insurance Services team approaches the insurance needs of its customers as a sort of puzzle to be solved. Assessing the essential needs of their customers and finding the products that best meet those needs demands extensive research of products, markets, coverage issues, industry trends, and more--virtually all of it done via the Internet. “We go the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs and to create insurance solutions that blend seamlessly with their lives and businesses,” Marofsky says. “We expect our technology and service vendors to work just as hard and seamlessly in supporting our business vision.”

“Anywhere” office, local support

Along with a robust Internet pipeline, Affiliated Insurance Services also places high importance on the availability of local customer support that is responsive to its needs. Again, Marofsky gives Comcast the highest marks in this area. “Comcast support has always been easy to work with,” she says. “We never feel like we have been put off or passed along to another person. From the beginning, our service representatives have been phenomenal, and we continue to be impressed with Comcast’s customer care program.”

As an independent insurance agency providing individuals and businesses with a full range of insurance programs, Affiliated Insurance Services is keenly attuned to competition. Marofsky knows potential customers have lots of options in choosing an agency to represent them, and her team routinely has to choose from among dozens of competing insurance companies offering similar products. “It takes a discerning eye, years of experience, and a tremendous amount of research to be able to identify the little differences that might make one policy better than another for a particular customer,” she says. “We use the same approach in screening for our own service providers.”

Affiliated Insurance Services switched to Comcast Business Internet several years ago, and Marofsky says she’s never regretted it. “We have other options for Internet service, and we look at what they’re offering from time to time. But our experience with Comcast Business Internet has been excellent, and we haven’t seen anything we think can match it. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers; Comcast helps us do that, and we don’t expect that ever to change.”

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