If the core of your online presence is your website, Comcast Business Class makes creating one a snap. Even if you’re not selling products online, having a website will impact potential customers’ decision to do business with you. Consumers now research online before they decide which law firm to use, which gas grill to buy, or even which doctor to entrust their medical care to.

You may have put off developing a website because you think it’s too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. You might worry about your ability to refresh and update content and find the complexities of coding it too challenging. And you might think that you can’t afford to pay the big bucks for a third-party service provider to handle all the design, hosting, and content management.

That’s where the Comcast Business Class SiteBuilder tool comes in. SiteBuilder can help you design a professional website in a matter of clicks without knowing HTML. It offers you plenty of template choices and a quick, step-by-step design process that anyone can follow.

The Comcast Business Class SiteBuilder tool includes:

  • An extensive image gallery to give your site personality.
  • A huge variety of custom color and font schemes to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Wizards and editors to assist even the most novice user develop all aspects of a website.
  • Innovative site management tool to better organize your site and its attributes.
  • A media album to store, showcase, and organize your pictures and videos.
  • A Flash editor with a range of preformatted Flash movies to add interactivity to your site.
  • One-click publishing to launch your site instantly.

To learn more about SiteBuilder, check out this demo.