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Productivity@Work Resource: Collaborate in the Cloud


Microsoft Services from Comcast feature a range of best-in-class, cloud-based email and collaboration tools to help you boost productivity and efficiency. These advanced, award-winning, powerful productivity tools—including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Off-Site and Mobile Access—are simple and easy to use. As a Comcast Business customer, you can take advantage of all these Microsoft Services free of charge!

Benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Microsoft Outlook.
    • Share and view e-mail, calendars, and contacts from anywhere you have Internet access—on all of your devices.  
    • Synchronize e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks.  
    • Use Scheduling Assistant to view co-worker availability and    book meetings.  
    • Manage daily priorities and tasks company-wide  with Task Manager.  
    • Search and access your company’s directory.  
    • Instantly find important information in your e-mail, calendar, contacts or tasks through keywords, dates, or other flexible criteria.  
    • Avoid and eradicate junk e-mail, threatening content, and questionable links.  
    • Get up to 25GB of storage for each e-mail account.
  • Microsoft Exchange.
    • All the benefits of Microsoft’s proven Exchange Server.
    • No prolonged deployment necessary.
    • No investment in expensive servers, software licenses or IT support.
    • Professionally hosted and delivered by two companies you know and trust, Microsoft and Comcast.
  • Microsoft SharePoint.  
    • Improve team productivity with easy-to-use collaboration tools.
    • Share files, post messages and manage projects more effectively.
    • Centralize management of large files and improve revision control.
    • Support remote and mobile employees with real-time data and documents.
    • Manage customer and vendor relationships more effectively.
    • Get up to 10GB online storage and backup to provide security for your documents.
  • Off-Site and Mobile Access.
    • Use the Scheduling Assistant to efficiently book meetings.
    • Search and access your company's Global Address List.
    • Schedule out-of-office messages.
    • View content in managed e-mail folders.
    • Wirelessly send and receive e-mails that automatically synchronize with your office.
    • Update appointments, tasks and your address book from any Windows Mobile device.


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